[Live-demo] GISVM license and copyright ownership?

Ricardo Pinho rpinho_eng at yahoo.com.br
Thu Aug 27 04:28:56 PDT 2009


Just would like to remember all, that:

1. GISVM (name) is a personal registered trademark of mine.
2. GISVM has been, from the beginning, licensed has GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3)

I would like to know why to use LGPL instead of GPL on scripts? (Don't have nothing against it...)
Is that for guarantee that third party can make commercial products and services out of those scripts?

But I am only trying to clarify on this subject (I'm not an expert...) 

Ricardo Pinho

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Assunto: [Live-demo] GISVM license and copyright ownership?

I propose that we license the build scripts associated with GISVM as LGPL, with copyright assigned to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.

I don't feel strongly either way regarding license, so if someone has a alternative suggestion, please speak up.
I want to have this resolved by Friday (tomorrow) so that we have a license in place when I send out a press release asking for participation in creating install scripts.

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