[Live-demo] GISVM license and copyright ownership?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 10:04:17 PDT 2009

Ricardo wrote:
> Is that for guarantee that third party can make commercial
> products and services out of those scripts?

For what it's worth, what you describe is totally acceptable
and sanctioned under the terms of the full GPL3. What can't
happen is for that 3rd party to create a monopoly for themselves
based on your code. It forces them to compete for customers
based on a reputation as the go-to guys for that particular
problem rather than by using proprietary lock-in tactics.
ie Power to the people.

If it is your wish that no one uses your code for personal
profit, you should explore one of the Creative Commons non-
commercial-only licenses.

If you feel strongly that all components to GISVM should be
GPL3, for my part I'm happy to respect that. I would note
that any single author can relicense their own script in as
many different ways as they like, so there is no reason that
the same script can't be GPL3 here and LGPL there - as long as
all the authors of that script agree to it. The only potential
cost is confusion (a patch submitted to the GPL version can't
be ported to the LGPL one without permission), but having the
copyright terms in the header comments of each file mostly
makes intentions clear. Also, one of the terms of the LGPL
says that an end user can upgrade it to the full GPL any time
they like.



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