[Live-demo] install scripts

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 20:24:57 PDT 2009


quick questions WRT fine tuning the build scripts-

- what version of Xubuntu is being used?  9.04?
- what's the username set to? i.e. to use /home/user/ or /home/gis/ or
   /home/ubuntu/ or ...?  This is to know where to write ~/.config files
   as the script will be run as root. (so ~ means root's home, not the
- these scripts are being run in a chroot/virtual environment, right? ie
   if I write a file to /usr/local/ it goes on the VM's filesystem one?


ps- I've made some edits to the press release. The wiki page will let you review them by clicking on the history tab.


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