[Live-demo] install scripts

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 22:21:14 PDT 2009

> > - what version of Xubuntu is being used?  9.04?

Stefan wrote:
> Yes, it is 9.04
> The username is 'user'.

ok I've now updated the install_grass.sh and install_mb-system.sh scripts
to write the user stuff to the correct home dir, plus some notes about
where to find GRASS 6.4 packages for Ubuntu 9.04.

I haven't added MB-system to main.sh as its install size is ~ 320mb. This
is mainly due to it being built with static libraries; I expect that once
we figure out how to build it with shared libs that will drop by >90%.
I'd appreciate if any of the several maintainers of live discs which
already ship with that let me know how they managed that, where they
installed the software to, and what they set MBSYSTEM_HOME to in the
Makefile. I can probably make a start at an official Debian/*bntu package
for it soon after solving these things (collaborators most welcome!).

None the less, if someone wants to try to see if the script (as written)
actually works, I'd appreciate that too. There's a good chance that I
missed some build depends, and I'm not sure if gcc, make etc can be
expected to be present. I still hope to add some test data.



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