[Live-demo] Ossim on the Live-DVD

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Sun Dec 6 23:39:25 PST 2009


new .deb packages are avaiable for ossim - ossimplanet on ubuntu 9.10
i added a new script in the svn repository to install them.

i need to add yet a description.html in the docs, the script already download the pdf documentation.

i'll try later to write an example session file based on preinstalled examples data.



I agree to update as soon as possible to Ubuntu  karmic  Koala (9.10)

Il giorno 07/dic/2009, alle ore 07.39, Alex Mandel ha scritto:

> I know there are lots of issues to work on so I wanted to get the
> discussion started on the next version of the Live Demo. I'll toss out
> that I'd like to see the next one roll out by the end of March 2010,
> version 2.5? (Maybe we should change the numbering system?)
> I'm specifically targeting the spring conference season in which I know
> of several events that OSGeo intends to have booths at and would be
> great to get discs to.
> The basics of this run,
> upgrade base image to Karmic Koala(9.10)
> make sure all the OSGeo projects get onto it.
> The version after that would be for the next FOSS4G, in the fall,
> probably based on Ubuntu 10.4
> Any thoughts?
> Thanks,
> Alex
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