[Live-demo] Re: Engaging Click2Try in the next version of the LiveGIS distribution

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 11:23:48 PST 2009

Thanks Tom,

Your proposal sounds great, and just the sort of thing we would make use of.
As we start using click2try during development, I expect our processes 
to grow around its strengths (and weaknesses) and will probably come up 
with more ideas on tools that we could make use of.

Our previous issues revolved around the amount of bandwidth each 
developer required, in order to:
1. Download an initial xubuntu image
2. Download all the source files used to build an image.

So I expect our process will be:
1. Build team download xubuntu onto Click2try, then run our build 
scripts to create an alpha image.
2. Developers will then run this alpha image, and re-run their specific 
install script to fix bugs found. They may also run the full build, 
starting from the xubuntu base.

So yes,
Could you please set me up with the appropriate privileges and we will 
get started.

Tom Callaghan wrote:
> Hi Cameron,
> I want to apologize for not answering your email until now.  For some
> reason, it went to my junk mail folder.  Anyway, I have taken care of that
> now.  Hopefully, that will not happen again.
> So, what I can do for you is set up a membership in click2try that you and
> your team can use to collaborate on VM development.  I can set up a template
> application image that can be used to build new VMs.  Through the dashboard
> interface you can make new copies of images, backup and restore images,
> start and stop images and other functions.
> I can set you up as the membership administrator.  That way you can define
> new user ids for your developers.
> Please let me know if this is what you are thinking of.  Also, please let me
> know how you see the team collaborating on our platform.  What other
> capabilities do you think you will need to have?
> Regards,
> Tom
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> Tom,
> Our FOSS4G conference is over, and our LiveGIS team are starting to plan 
> for our next release (probably in March 2010).
> Some of our pain points in the last release were:
> * Click2Try were only brought in at the last minute, and hence we had a 
> number of bugs in click2try which were being addressed under the 
> pressure of a tight deadline.
> * Because we were so focused on the development, and the FOSS4G 
> conference, we only had limited time for marketing and engaging with the 
> user community.
> * Many of our packagers have limited bandwidth, and consequently are not 
> in a position to download multiple iterations of a distribution themselves.
> Consequently,
> I wonder whether click2try would be interested in providing our team 
> with a few online development servers which we can use to build our image.
> What are your thoughts here?

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