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Sat Dec 12 11:43:09 PST 2009

Hi Massimo,

Massimo Di Stefano wrote:
> Hi All
> some ideas about the osgeo's live gis project, i'd like to know your opinion about :
> - can we fix a date to start the up-to date work needed for the install scripts to runs on unbuntu 9.10 ?
How about we start today?
> - what about adding different architecture e.g. to have install scripts running on "i386, x86_64, ppc" ?
If we can find developers prepared to run and test on these 
architectures, then I'm happy for this to be included in scope.

> - can we contact the local chapter's asking for a "tester",  so we can try to adapt the scripts to run on different localization ?
>   |--  what do you think to add a directory in the svn tree : "localization" and subdir for different language/local-chapters ... us, en, fr, it, de, ... ?
I think this is a great idea.

We were very successful during the foss4g conference getting people 
translating the foss4g website and press releases for us, and I have a 
list of emails of translators who helped.

Do you want all the applications to have a local customisation as well? 
Or just focus on the text in the LiveDVD?

This does require us to factor translation into the schedule, and get 
all documentation finalised early so that it can be translated.

> - linux and geoscience .. i'd like the idea to have on a "dedicated" osgeo live project, not only speciphic "geo" sw, i agree the we are on Osgeo, but adding other science sw (like plotting tools, statistic and symbolic calculus sw .. etc ... ) can be a cool start point for an live project dedicated to an "educational" release  (in this case ,"educational-release", i vote to eliminate the mac and win installer and give more focus (and space) on new sw, tutorial data and documentation)
I like the idea of an education release.
For me, the education release should have a strong focus on structure of 
tutorials and supporting material for the LiveDVD.

> p.s.
> Unlucky i'm having problems to learn how to make .deb for an official debian package 
> .. i'd like the idea the osgeo live project will works for both distro "ubuntu and debian-sid"
> (i'm avaiable to spend my time to convert all the script from ubuntu to debian, i did a lot of work on this direction) 
> My problem are related to the debian rules file and how to hndle the dependence. 
> You know ... "make a debian official package" is not so easy.
> i'm really intersted to learn more about packaging an "axample case" on how to make .deb for a complex sw like "grass, gdal, qgis" can give me a great help.
> i'm sure .. from a complex example it is possible to learn a lot of thinks. 
Where ever possible, we should be encouraging projects to move into 
debiangis (which will then be incorporated into ubuntugis).
So we should adjust our build scripts to ease this transition. So if you 
think that we can adjust our build script instruction to make it easier 
to transition to debiangis, please let us know.
> thanks,
> Massimo.
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