[Live-demo] OSGEO Live GIS , ideas to share - Poseidon

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 03:57:54 PST 2009

> >> you might mave a look at the Poseidon live dvd project.
> > I know it, it's a great project!
> > from poseido i see some sw title i don't know first.
> > But seems the last release is dated 2008.
> > Maybe for educational purpose is not needed
> > to have the last sw version installed?
> > btw, just to know if it was a topic of interests.

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> http://www.en.poseidonlinux.org/
> This project looks very similar to what we are doing and
> there is great potential for us to collaborate. Does anyone
> know the developers there yet and want to invite them to
> work together with us?

any thoughts Christian?



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