[Live-demo] Moving the LiveDVD to its own Trac issue tracker

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 15 04:15:52 PST 2009

> I apologise if I've jumped the gun here.

no worries - as I said, I admire your enthusiasm :)

> Feedback from Frank W. on the telascience IRC was
> * He was against setting up a new instance of trac, as it
> requires more maintenance.


> * He suggested instead that we use the "keyword" free text
> tag to specify release and version.
> So if we are to create a new issue, we would set the component to 
> "LiveDVD" (set via the pulldown list), and keyword typed as freetext to 
> "arramagong_3.0alpha1" (or similar). We can then search for all keywords 
> which contain "arramagong_3.0" to get all issues for the 3.0 release.
> Thoughts?

as long as there is some discipline setting the keyword to be an exact match you can do some neat things with it in the trac wiki. for example "list all open bugs containing this keyword with priority greater than x"

e.g. from the osgeo4w trac instance,

=== Open Tickets ===


=== Closed Tickets ===


we probably can't rely on the bug submitter to match the version number
correctly so it will probably have to be modified once reported (easy
enough, anyone can do it). the downside of that is that it sucks up
time and if you edit a bug report you are forever cc'd on it, which
can suck up even more of your time if the tracker becomes busy with stuff
you are not interested in, beyond keeping the trac'er sane.

the common theme in all this is figuring out how to effectively manage
our projects without getting swamped by the noise.. ie make the process
so effective that the mantainence overheads to doing a lot are very
small. trac is really good at that, but FWIW I find trac's wiki
cosmetically limited.. great for dev work, not so much for new user


ps- the draft press release is quite nice


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