[Live-demo] Virtual Machine Image

Gavin Treadgold gt at kestrel.co.nz
Thu Dec 17 00:43:41 PST 2009

On 2009-12-16, at 15:30 , Hamish wrote:
> Brian wrote:
>> I'm not sure who it is that is going to be handling geo
>> data that has severely limited bandwidth
> anyone collecting it from the field for starters..
> also there is a lot of osgeo uptake from developing nations
> where they can not justify spending money on licenses and
> the 'net infrastructure is at best tempermental.

Not to mention the likes of Sahana[1] where we want to package and deploy standalone solutions that can operate in an environment where communications infrastructure has been damaged/destroyed or bandwidth is quite limited. Not your typical use case - but certainly a valid one ;)

Cheers Gav

[1] http://sahana.lk/

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