[Live-demo] Live DVD tutorial at FOSS4G?

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Mar 2 15:25:40 PST 2009


I'm hopeful that we will see a tutorial (1.5 hours) at the FOSS4G 
conference walking through the FOSS4G live DVD, top to bottom. This Live 
DVD will be handed to all delegates at the conference.

I expect that this presentation will be very popular, and may even need 
to be run twice.

Non geeks will want to get an overview of the FOSS4G stack.
Geeks who probably know one or two packages on the DVD very well, would 
like to get an understanding about what else is available, so that they 
can demonstrate the DVD themselves. Effectively a "Train the trainer" 

This presentation would need to be at a high level, and would be 
complemented by specific presentations which focus on just one or two 
FOSS packages.

I expect that this tutorial would use at least two presenters, so that 
you can answer the full breath of both user and technical questions.

Who on this email thread plans to be at http://2009.foss4g.org ?

And who would be interested in helping to pull together and/or present 
such a tutorial?

Feel free to forward this onto others who you think may be interested.

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