[Live-demo] Install Issues

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Mar 23 23:07:31 PDT 2009

Thanks for looking into it, we'll make sure to give it a try on wed. For
tomorrow we'll just go with what we have on our personal machines to
begin with.


Stefan Hansen wrote:
> Hi Alex!
> I think I fixed the problem and just started to upload a new version of
> the LiveDVD. Unfortunately, my connection to the osgeo server is kind of
> slow atm and the upload will take 14 hours. I hope that's not too late
> for you.
> I will write another email as soon as the upload has finished.
> cheers,
> stefan
> Alex Mandel wrote:
>> I'm working on setting up a couple of laptops as demo machines at an
>> OSGeo booth next week but had some issues.
>> Specifically I was using the Arramagong discs, both the stable and beta.
>> Basically if I choose to install the disc loads a bunch of stuff and
>> drop to a command prompt logged in as ubuntu at ubuntu it doesn't start the
>> install at all. Does anyone know the correct boot parameters to make the
>> installer run?
>> 2nd, when using the live discs can someone remind me where to find the
>> passwords for things like sudo, postgres, etc.
>> Thanks,
>> Alex
>> PS: It's urgent I leave for the show in 1 day and have about 3 to fix
>> the issues with limited internet.
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