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Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at yahoo.it
Wed May 20 10:49:39 PDT 2009

Hi Alex. All
apologize for the offline site problems ... i exceeds the ftp traffics so the hoster close my web-space.
i modified the contract right now so it is again on-line (i'll host soon an updated version of the live-dvd) the one you download is a bit outdated the user and password try this :
user : sasha
password : tiamo
user : sasha
password : gfoss
a new releasy is ready with some bug fix, it is ever based on ubuntu 9.04 32bit.
but ...
 i agree with the last post on the list to avoid works duplication ... 
have a common environment (basic .iso) and works on a 
OSGEO-repository (for both dependences, applications (stable+devel),  and custom scripts (like : install geo-packages for R, apt-get for common used sw in geoscience, localization for tutorials e data) ... and much more) 
is the better way to go.
i'm not a good packager (i only used checkinstall for now)....
i think that as distro i'll prefer to use a debian sid based distro (right now i'm tring sidux and it is really cool ... as example : grass6.4 in the packages)
so we can use the debian-gis packages and works all together to make debian-gis ever better, avoiding duplication.
i'll come back on line the next week (i'm studing for exams)
so we can discuss many of thes arguments

server : irc.freenode.net
canale : #gfoss

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I think I forgot to write down the username/passwords for your live
disc, could you post them to the list so it's online where people can
find it.


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