[Live-demo] Installing Arramagong as the main OS

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 02:44:14 PST 2009

The steps for building your own LiveDVD are explained here:

You will find that the steps are almost the same for installing all the 
GIS applications on an Ubuntu 9.04 based system.

vega_l at yahoo.com wrote:
> I think I've found the scripts from a page with title "osgeo - Revision 2722", I'm guessing these the latest version.
> About the order in which they should be executed, I guess the logs.tar.gz will provide some guidance.
> I'm already using Ubuntu 9.04 (64 bit version), and I've installed R, QGIS and GRASS from its default repositories. I'm thinking I should first uninstall them completely before start installing the new versions if I don't want any incompatibility or package dependencies issues.
> I'll give it a try next weekend.
> Thanks for the answer!
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>> vega_l at yahoo.com
>> wrote:
>>> Good afternoon.
>>> I've been using GRASS in Arramagong for a while, and I
>> think it is an excellent piece of software to use open
>> source GIS tools.
>>> My question is simple. I'm related to the Ubuntu
>> system and its installation process, and I would like to
>> install Arramagong as the system by default into my
>> secondary PC.
>>> Choosing "System/Install Xubuntu GNU Linux" will
>> install the system into a disk partition?
>>> Can I use the Live CD to install it? If I do it, the
>> GIS tools I'm using from the virtual machine version will be
>> installed along with Xubuntu?
>>> Thank you in advance!
>>> Luis Alberto Vega.
>> Theoretically, the answer is yes. However we did not have
>> time to test
>> the install option on the disc thouroughly, and the few
>> attempts made by
>> some were not successful (has anyone done it
>> successfully?). There are
>> at least 2 other options though,
>> 1. Download the Virtual Machine version and run it in any
>> other the
>> freely available virtual machine tools (Virtual Box, Vmware
>> Player,
>> Vmware Server, Parallels, etc) - depending on your primary
>> operating
>> system this solution may vary slightly. The advantage here
>> is no need to
>> reboot your computer to use it, the disadvantage - it's a
>> little
>> trickier to setup shared drives, and you need a decent
>> computer with
>> plenty of ram.
>> 2. Install any of the Ubuntu 9.04 line-up(Ubuntu, Xubuntu,
>> Kubuntu) and
>> run the scripts that we used to build the live disc to
>> repeat the
>> installation. Or do the installation of just the tools you
>> want. GRASS
>> is actually pretty easy to install from online
>> repositories.
>> Thanks for you interest,
>> Alex
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