[Live-demo] Updating the software

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 29 02:56:57 PST 2009

Firman Hadi wrote:
> I have downloaded the LiveDVD and installed it
> as Virtual Machine using VMWare.
> I want to install another package, gftp, so I have to
> 'apt-get update' but there is an error
> reaching http://mirror.math.ucdavis.edu, which is
> written in /etc/apt/sources.list
> I did remove the site from the sources list, added another
> server to the sources list and managed to install gftp.

that's fine, any standard debian mirror will do.
UC Davis was used simply because that's where our ISO builder is
near and the ISO takes hours to build so we wanted something fast...

> But when I do this there is a warning that some of the
> package need to be remove (using apt-get autoremove). 
> I am afraid if I do the autoremove it will break the
> dependent packages of original LiveDVD package.Is
> there any mirror?

I don't think it has anything to do with the mirror.

As I understand it the autoremove packages do not appear because
the debian mirror has changed, but rather that the locally installed
package which sucked it in automatically is no longer there & the
local apt database doesn't think it's needed anymore. As the LiveDVD/VM
compiles some packages by hand it's generally better to err on the
side of having a little bit of cruft around rather than to remove
a package which might be needed by a custom installed program.

probably the easiest solution is to just 'apt-get install' all the
packages it says it wants to remove. In general *-dev packages could
be safely removed, but probably not lib* packages.

have fun,


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