[Live-demo] Jigdo

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sat Oct 10 10:35:40 PDT 2009

Hamish wrote:
> Alex wrote:
>> Maybe if a few dedicated people want to pull from me so we
>> get 4-5 seeds before we open the link up that might be good.
> Does it matter? AFAIU as soon as a downloader has >= 1 chunk downloaded
> they become a co-equal peer for those chunks which they have so far.
> Hamish

Ideally yes, but since there are so many chunks in this file and they
all have to originate at least once from the 1st seeder the minimum time
to download initially is related to how fast that 1 seed can upload the
whole thing at least once. If I had super seed mode (which my current
client does not) I could ensure that I only upload chunks not previously
uploaded until 100% of chunks have been done once. Basically if we get a
few more seeds up, the download for everyone else on mass release will
be much faster (ie 4-6 hours instead of 24 hours)

Co-equal isn't the term I'd use either, it's all proportional to
bandwidth, upload, and connections between nodes.


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