[Live-demo] Does your application work on the click2try GISVM?

arun.s at tecnics.com arun.s at tecnics.com
Wed Oct 14 10:07:45 PDT 2009

Hello Dane,

Currently the running vm has (apt-get upgrade) latest packages upgraded. 
This upgrades is done on the 'base'  of virtual machine. In click2try vm , 
if something is applied on  'base' then that is present for running 
instance of vm.  You might see some 'numbers of pakage' still needs to be 
upgraded . Its because 'app' layer also has apt-get info (database) just 
like  'base' which misguides user. This misguiding information is something 
which we still need to work on and will be fixed soon.

If you have observed something different or specific location then please 
share your thoughts. we will be happy to provide you more details. 

Now about error ,

"dpkg: error processing gnome-power-manager (--remove):
failed to delete `/etc.dpkg-tmp': read-only file system". 

Its because at present , if 'user' require to install any package using 
dpkg (or apt-get) , we require to run the vm in different mode (which is 
maintence mode where 'app' or base has write permission) rather then the 
one which its running for user mode.

Does above information provides all information as expected ?

Please reply in case you have more queries.

Arun Sharma


From: "Dane Springmeyer" <blake at hailmail.net>
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On Oct 13, 2009, at 4:29 PM, Tom Callaghan wrote:

> Hi Aneel and Arun,
> Dane is requesting that we perform an apt-get upgrade. Since you are
> assembling all of this for production, I wanted to pass the request 
> on to
> you. Apparently, our /etc/ap/sources.list file did not have an line 
> for
> jaunty-updates. I was thinking that that would be best done in the 
> base
> image, but do not know what the impact will be on the app layer.

So the new line was added to the 'sources.list' but 'apt-get update' 
was not run on this new machine. Why not?

I tried to do it myself within the running VM but after all packages 
are downloaded (took about 20 minutes) dpkg bails with this error:

'dpkg: error processing gnome-power-manager (--remove):
failed to delete `/etc.dpkg-tmp': read-only file system

Do you know why this is happening?


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