[Live-demo] What's the difference between Final.iso.0 and Final.iso.1?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 15 11:46:30 PDT 2009

Andrea wrote:
> first of I want to thank all those who cooperated to build
> this LiveDVD. 
> A stupid question: what's the difference between version
> "Final.iso.0" and
> "Final.iso.1" of the liveDVD? Is Final.iso.1 simply the
> most recent?

download page now updated to be a bit clearer about that:

"Due to its size it has been split into two parts (.0 and .1)
which will need to be put back together again."


So they are just part A and B of the final file. The total ISO
is 3.6gb but the old apache server has trouble with >2gb files
due to 32bit issues, so it gets split.


ps- the torrent is now up and running, the more people using
that the faster it gets


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