[Live-demo] GISVM after FOSS4G 2009

Ricardo Pinho rpinho_eng at yahoo.com.br
Sat Oct 31 01:38:47 PDT 2009

First, I would like to make a FOSS4G 2009 short “briefing” about what I have seen and feel during the conference on the wonderful city of Sydney-Australia.
As many people told me, I really think that FOSS4G 2009 was an excellent well organized conference and, in particular, it had very interesting and high quality presentations.
It also gave me the opportunity to meet several “mail/chat mates”, OSGeo and OpenGeo people in person, that where all very kind to me and with whom I had very niceconversations. 
I congratulate everyone involved at organizing and contributing to the event,everyone have worked hard and the result was a great and enjoyable meeting!
In particularly, I must congratulate Cameron Shorter, for his excellent work, dedication and presence on this event. I believe that, without his contributionand presence, the event wouldn’t be so brilliant. Thank you Cameron!!!
Now, regardingthe: “LiveDVD + Arramagong + GISVM + Live Demo + Click2Try” project.
I personally think it was a great achievement and success. It proves that collaboration makes things that appear impossible, done. And I am thrilled to know that theGISVM concept was somehow behind all of that. 
Every conference attendee received a copy of this full package “Arramagong LiveDVD”and probably have been or are exploring it at this moment.
People where amazed by the possibility of running Arramagong-GISVM inside a browser onthe Click2try cloud computing platform. (There should have been a Live
Demonstration of Click2try during the conference).
(on the site justclick on the “Try This Application” button – twice )
I have also noticed that LiveDVD was used or mentioned on several Tutorial and Workshopssessions.
Also many people came to me and expressed their sympathies and hopes on the projectfurther development and including even more applications. 
I had the opportunity to speak and listen to several OSGeo members (namely Tyler Mitchell) who where common to agree on the need to continue developing LiveDVD+GISVM. And OSGeo will gladly continue to host the project. But not as an incubation project, just I have asked forGISVM.
Cameron Shorter also personally transmittedme his commitment on continuing supporting this initiative.
On the other hand, GISVM still remains unsponsored, since I haven’t received any suggestion or proposal for financial support the time and money spent working on it. So one must continue to try to find sustainability and I will keep trying new ways to achieve some income outof GISVM.com site and GISVM products. Suggestions are welcome!!!

I am personallycommitted to keep collaborating on the “LiveDVD+Arramagong+GISVM+Live Demo” project.
Because this is the best way to make all potential out off the GISVM conceptand contribute for the success of Free Open Source Software for GIS!

So, I came here to propose to all of you two goals:

1.       Releasea new version of GISVM on 11 January of 2010.
This new GISVMversion should be based on the GISVM trunk install scripts.
It should be based on the fresh new “Ubuntu 9.10”,so all trunk scripts should be revised for it.
It should include all new GIS software versions made available until the end of November2009. (for instance: Geoserver 2.0, etc)
And ofcourse, add even more GIS software solutions that want to get into the project. 
2.       Preparethe next release of LiveDVD for FOSS4G 2010
We should consider start working immediately on the next products based on GISVM concept for the next FOSS4G event (at Barcelona). We should planthe new Arramagong-LiveDVD version based on this year release. 
So I ask everyone for your collaboration and start using this Live-Demo mailing list to leave your opinions and suggestionsabout the Arramagong-LiveDVD 2009 version.
If you still don’t have it, please download andtry it from:
Next week I will be present (and presenting) at FOSS4G Portuguese Local Chapter meeting ( http://evora.sigaberto.org/?q=en ) and I will have the opportunity to talk to Lorenzo Becchi about this possibility and get him involvedon the project!!!
In the meantime, I would also like to start a discussion about this topic:
“UsingOSGeo hosting platform for developing Arramagong/LiveDVD/GISVM”
Please readand answer to it on corresponding post…


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