[Live-demo] New comment on OSGeo Live DVD and Virtual Machine released: Marble

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 6 21:49:31 PDT 2010

Because a moderately recent+stable version of Marble is packaged
and tested along with KDE in Ubuntu/main already, there is in
fact little to no actual packaging work required. It's just an
apt-get install.

What we are in need of is three things:

1) an upstream contact to answer questions (check) and hopefully
maintain the script if any non-automatic dependencies change with
future Ubuntu releases (30 minutes a year effort)

it's /very/ simple :)

2) tutorials / walk-throughs / documentation which could be used
by an offline individual or in a classroom setting. So far we
have this "getting started" text, but it only scratches the

3) sample data (check; the ubuntu package ships with 6 or so base
maps in the marble-data package). unfortunately the Blue Marble
dataset is too big for us (2002 version is ~ 1.2gb, or are you
shipping the 2004(?) monthly images in your livedvd?)


ps- it is my hope to also ship NASA World Wind on the September


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