[Live-demo] Disk Priorities

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Wed Apr 7 10:01:33 PDT 2010

Brian Hamlin wrote:
> Hi All-
>   re-reading the threads from the last days.. I have to say..
> I'd prefer to see Natural Earth data, Marble add-ons and NASA WorldWind
> on one disk
> over Windows and Mac installers.. The WIndows and Mac installers could
> possibly be a
> second disk...
>  btw- I preemptively oppose having *only* windows installers  :-)
>  best regards from Berkeley, California
>    -Brian
> ==
> Brian Hamlin

I think we need to do more research into how the disc is being used
before we can make any such decisions. FYI, keeping the total iso size
to 3.2-ish GB before adding the Windows/Mac installers actually helps
ensure it will also fit on a 4GB USB flash drive with enough room to
save files. I think we need to try our best to add things in the future
with no net gain in file size, ie remove and clean things as we go, and
optimize the data options.

Natural Earth +1
Marble add-ons +0 (not sure what it would add)
NASA WorldWind -0 (Isn't it a programming api, not an actual
application, or did people mean to include a sample application? I'm
concerned it would be a behemoth of uncompiled code)


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