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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 15:07:27 PDT 2010

If you are interested to help out creating a presentation for the full 
stack of Live DVD packages at FOSS4G 2010, please join us on the 
livedemo email list, or contact me direct.
I've submitted an abstract already, which is described here:

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Abstracts for FOSS4G are due next Thursday 15 April 2010 and I'm 
> hoping that we will see abstracts for:
> * LiveDVD lightening overview
> * WMS/WFS/WCS Shootout
> * Desktop comparison
> * Browser Client comparison
> * Database comparison
> I predict that these presentations will be by far the most popular 
> presentations of the conference. Further, I'm expecting to incorporate 
> results onto the LiveDVD. They will be a lot of effort to prepare, 
> partly because they will need a team of project developers to 
> contribute to it, and consequently, unless we get our act together 
> soon, I suspect that no-one will submit presentations for some of the 
> topics above.
> So I encourage people to respond to the following targeted email 
> threads, noting your intention to help and be part of one of the 
> presentation teams. (Note, the presentation will be the easy bit, the 
> hard bit will be collating the material for the presentation).
> A good team for these comparison projects will consist of:
> * a representative from each project in the comparison. These types of 
> comparisons will be the first place new users will go when researching 
> software, so are well worth participating in.
> * users who have used more than one of the applications
> * anyone involved in related comparison reviews, or development of 
> feature tables or similar
> * coordinator/"get it done" people who can pull it all together
> * people who can speak well, and efficiently. (You will have lots of 
> material to present is a short time)

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