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Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Fri Dec 10 16:31:39 PST 2010

I think I have the translation spreadsheet all worked out now.
Feel free start making use of it, and let me know if you find issues.

I've written up the process here:

  Status Sheet

We track status of all translations in google doc spreadsheet 

It contains some excel wizardry to check reported status of English 
docs, and entered document versions to report on status of translations. 
This is where you should look to determine which file you should 
translate next, and also which you should update after translating a 

Note colour coding:

    * Black text = cell is calculated from somewhere else
    * Blue text = cell to be updated by us users
    * Green background = doc is complete
    * Yellow background = translation is out of date (there is a newer
      English version)


This is how it works:

    * In the status worksheet
      find a document with status of "en Status"="..._final" or
      "...final_dated". Start with docs allocated the highest priority
      first (priority=1 in worksheet)
    * Set the "status" for the document to "draft" while you edit it and
      add your user-id to the "translated-by" column.
    * If this is a new translated document, use subversion to copy the
      English version of the document to new language directory. (This
      retains our subversion history)

svn copy doc/en/<doc>.rst doc/lang/<doc>.rst

    * translate the document and then commit back to subversion

svn commit -m"Translated docX.rst to Italian" docX.rst

    * Once complete change status="complete"
    * Someone else should then review the document, change status to
      "reviewed" and add their user-id to the "reviewed-by" column.

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