[Live-demo] arramagong-3.0-alpha1 released

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 12 18:37:07 PST 2010

f y'all's i, I've just adjusted the main.sh logfile-roundup to better
show how much space each install script has used & also to make it
easier to quickly verify that everything has gone to plan.

for 3.0alpha1 the result is:

Package         Kilobytes used by install script
deegree         730132
kosmo           469980
java            429840
geoserver       307072
udig            260016
geonetwork      192148
gvsig           112068
postgres        89276
geokettle       87960
mapserver       55252
openjump        19324
mapnik          660
desktop         576
main_docs       148
mapfish         120
R               80
apache2         16
marble          4
pgrouting       0
osm             0
main            0
gpsdrive        0
qgis            -24
maptiler        -4664
grass           -4684

earlier scripts will of course bring in deps which later ones will
reuse, so there is a big penalty for being the first one out of the
gate. all the ones smaller than openjump in the above have failed in
this first alpha run. (except docs & desktop which are supposed to
be that small & main which is the baseline)



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