[Live-demo] edu-version and sidux

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 16:46:58 PST 2010

Massimo Di Stefano wrote:
> p.s.
> Ubuntu is really good for linux beginner and not) i like it.
> However (for who is intersted ) i'm rworking on a "edu-verson" for osgeo live disk.
> the work to prepare it can go ahead in parallel with the foss4g-live preparation.
> To prepare it i'm porting the install_scripts to run under sidux, 
> i'll use the drive-space used by win/osx installer to have more space left for tutorial, data and sw.
> (Sidux is a debian sid based distro, it use the debian-gis repository with up-to date sw-packages 
> it's usage in a live-edu-disk is a way to say thanks to all the debian gis mantainers too)
> what do you think about?_______________________________________________
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I think it is great that the arramagong build process is being used for 
other distributions. That was always my hope - that we would be able to 
use the build process to target specific different communities.

I'm actually very interested to understand what educators would want 
from the LiveDVD so that we can tailor the DVD accordingly. (I'm 
assuming that we should bundle tutorials and training material).

I assume that any improvements that you make along the way you will role 
back into the build process so that it is useful for others too.

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