[Ubuntu] Re: [Live-demo] PostGIS / Postgres on the Live DVD

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 14 21:51:13 PST 2010

Alex wrote:
> I see the postgis 1.4 packages in Debian Sid, could you
> take lead on seeing if these will work on Ubuntu 9.10. It
> would be easy enough for us to copy them to UbuntuGIS and
> make minor tweaks if necessary.
> http://packages.debian.org/sid/postgresql-8.4-postgis
> http://packages.debian.org/sid/postgis

this is all that it takes... and all that it ever took.  
(a patch to properly resolve the overlapping file conflicts
when 1.4 was installed manually over the top of 1.3 would
have been considered too)

Yes, PostGIS 1.4 has been in debian/sid for about a month (once
again thanks to Francesco). The only thing keeping it out of
debian/testing is that the mips autobuilders are stalled.


Moreover, Ubuntu only cares to see that the package has built
successfully on sid for i386 and amd64, so in fact it has
already filtered down into Lucid:


I see no reason why it could not easily be rebuilt from there
for karmic and join UbuntuGIS's ppa.launchpad repo. You just
have to convince/bribe one of the good people at UbuntuGIS to
do it.  (The sooner the better)

Brian wrote:
> yet somehow, the technology is a year behind..

welcome to the wonderful world of Debian/stable, where the
technology has already had a year's worth of QA done on it.

> 'freeze'

note that feature-freeze means us all deciding what to put in,
not that everything is expected to be working 100% by that date.



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