[Live-demo] Name Change

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Fri Jan 15 12:28:32 PST 2010

I think the only concern with that is if people don't know what OSGeo is
they won't have a clue about what's on the Disc. Since one part of the
project is PR, the more random people stumbling onto it via Google etc
the better.


Bob Basques wrote:
> How about just plain old "OSGEO-Live" as a title? 
> bobb 
>>>> Alex Mandel <tech_dev at wildintellect.com> wrote:
> I'd like to discuss the name briefly. I realize Cameron is on vacation
> and probably won't respond for a week, but I don't think that should
> hold back at least a discussion. Hopefully we can make a decision by the
> Feature Freeze date.
> Based on previous conversations I'd like to suggest that we move to
> calling the disc/project:
> OSGeo-LiveGIS or OSGeo-LiveGeospatial
> I think this is fairly important as we need to properly attribute that
> OSGeo/FOSS4G is a main driver of this effort and provides infrastructure
> for the production(We've been discussing a whole other plan for how to
> properly give credit to sponsors and contributors) I realize it's hard
> to come up with a name that adequately describes that we have DVD,VM and
> USB based distribution methods, but to me those are distribution methods
> and we're not focusing on any one so it seems good to just leave that out.
> An acceptable alternative would be to come up with a new brand, to
> permanently fly under, but this might be very hard to come to agreement
> on considering the wide variety of contributors. If we decided to build
> a new brand name I think we would also want to move towards becoming a
> real project with a PSC, dedicated website, etc.
> Version Naming:
> Each version(or maybe each year) getting it's own mascot/personalized
> name as given by the conference organizers of Foss4G. So Last year's was
> Arramagong, and that could carry until the next Foss4G, or the mid
> year(between conferences) could just not have one?
> Version Numbering, I see several options
> By year with counter 2010.1 or 1.2010
> By year and month 2010.3
> By counter 3.0
> I actually like the 1st 2 because it's more clear when the disc was made
> and that gives you some idea of what version of software you'll find on
> them and how recent the build was, a straight counter while letting you
> know how many have been built is going to increment quite quickly and to
> mean doesn't really convey much to the end user, it means much more to
> the developers.
> I welcome your thoughts,
> Alex
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