[Live-demo] Looking for a GIS Live DVD contact for GeoServer

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at lisasoft.com
Wed Jan 27 14:31:54 PST 2010


We are in the process of building the next release of the GIS Live DVD 
(which was handed out at FOSS4G).
However, at the moment we don't have a contact person who will maintain 
the GeoServer install script. 

In particular, we looking for someone to advise whether we should 
upgrade from 1.7.6 to 2.0 (stable).

More details at:

This should be reasonably simple. We are looking for:
* Update the install script to reference geoserver 2.0
* Test the install and make sure it works
* Update wikis or docs etc if required to reflect the new version.

Andrea, I understand that you don't have time to work on the scripts 
this time round. Could you please forward onto the geoserver community 
and see if we could find another volunteer.

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