[Live-demo] osgeo-live version 4.0alpha6 available for download

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 4 19:28:45 PDT 2010

Hamish wrote:
> > * load_postgis.sh's osm2pgsql will need to be modified due to a chicken
> > and egg problem: Barcelona.osm is not downloaded until install_osm.sh,
> > which runs after install_postgis.sh.
> > Suggest to move the osm2pgsql stuff into install_osm.sh;

the reason for that order, and not the other way around, is so that end-
user installers rely on infrastructure installers, making it more flexible,
robust, and easier to follow/debug. both ways may work, but a tree is
easier to follow/maintain than a web of dependencies.

> > if possible setting up the PostGIS DB in a way
> > compatible with Ross Scanlon's instructions here:
> >  https://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/gpsdrive/index.php?title=Setting_up_Mapnik

> I've never used GPSDrive, but I would caution against that wiki. I
> just skimmed it and it looks quite old. For example, it references
> very out of data urls to download shapefiles used for the osm
> stylesheets. 

I tested those instructions with a Lucid VM a few weeks ago and it all
worked ok (PostGIS 1.4). I won't say it is the most modern or efficient
method (no idea), but it worked.. In the last weeks Ross promised to
update the wiki for more modern Ubuntus, but still waiting on that.

In the mean time, instead of avoiding the wiki please feel free to fix
it! It's a wiki after all... (full disclosure: I'm a gpsdrive dev and
admin that wiki site :)

> Both the OSM styles and osm2pgsql are not on a release cycle, so they
> need to be paired in time. The easiest way to do this is grab them both
> from latest osm SVN.
> But, for the osgeo-live DVD we could consider pulling from a specific
> revision number to keep things simple. Just last week a few more
> shapefiles were added as dependencies (from natural earth) for the osm
> styles, so I can help get this right.
> Given that (and I was just looking into this before finding this
> thread), would it be possible to install osm2pgsql from source on
> osgeo-live rather than from apt packages?  osm2pgsql takes ./autogen &&
> ./configure && make, but compiles in just a few seconds.

So the version that ships as a .deb package with Ubuntu Lucid is horribly
out of date? does not work with PostGIS 1.5? or is just prettier to use
the svn version? I prefer to stick with the officially packaged version
unless there's some really compelling reason not to as otherwise the
maintenance load quickly gets out of hand, even if it means the version
is a bit crusty.

 (note: not updated since Karmic/May 2009; Debian/sid has a version
from Feb 2010 thus so will Ubuntu 10.10. [OSM devs need to help out the
DebianGIS team directly! I don't think many people realize how much of
geo-FOSS world is resting directly on Francesco Lovergine's shoulders for
the last year or two+, he quietly does an amazing job but the Bus Factor
is rather concerning])

If the svn co && make for osm2pgsql was to happen, it would be in
install_osm.sh and before the Barcelona.osm file is imported to Postgres..

note gpsdrive ships its own (badly out of data AFAIK) osm.xml rules for
mapnik rendering, but Jeorg and Guenther are the OSM gurus, not me.

install_osm.sh already grabs osmarender style sheets from svn.

> > so that the resulting OSM DB can be accessed live from within
> > GpsDrive & then we can drop the pre-rendered sample data for that.
> > (was 73mb for Sydney)

> That makes good sense. Let me know how I can help.

want to take over maintainership of install_osm.sh for the live disc?
I'm already way over-committed. As maintainer you would be free to put
as much extra workload on yourself as you like. :)

> > also AFAIK osm2gpsql is smart enough to read planet.osm.bz2 files
> >  directly, no need to unbzip them first.
> Yes, it is.



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