[Live-demo] build artifacts committed into svn?

Jody Garnett jody.garnett at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 22:40:23 PDT 2010

I was hoping to help out for a bit today; and am a bit terrified by
the svn checkout size ...

- gpsdrive_syd_tileset-0.1.tar.gz
- mapserver-5.4-html-docs.zip
- mapserver-5.6-html-docs.zip
- mapserver-gmap.ms54.zip
- mapserver-itasca-ms54.zip
- Auckland.osm.gz

So while I can see committing some sample data into the repository -
it would be muck kinder to download the sample data in a script?

I am also not sure why the mapserver html documentation is considered
sample data? If it must be committed it may be better un unzip and
commit the individual files (in the hopes they do not change often?)


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