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#542: Postgis & pgRouting Icon
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Comment(by hamish):

 Replying to [comment:7 darkblueb]:
 > but this has to be tested...

 tested, it works AFAICT, thanks.

 but I've run into another problem: Mapnik 0.7's PostGIS plugin fails.
 GpsDrive gives this error message:
 Cannot init mapnik. Mapnik support DISABLED: Could not create
  datasource. No plugin found for type 'postgis' (encountered
  during parsing of layer 'leisure')

 yet the `/usr/lib/mapnik/0.7/input/postgis.input` file is there..

 maybe mapnik needs a recompile for postgis 1.5 as well? if so we've either
 got to put in another request to UbuntuGIS or drop back to the standard
 postgis 1.4.

 I suggest someone with the latest VM may want to try to see if the 'Start
 Mapnik & TileLite' button still works.

 further tests here:

 (and of course test pgRouting too)

 Dane, the osm2pgsql svn checkout ended up with a 122mb svn-trunk/ dir
 (ouch), so I just made a .deb of the latest svn and threw it up on our
 download server. the .deb is 60kb. :) hopefully there are no dependency
 problems from this in the next build..


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