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#601: errors in install_R.sh
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 Alex already mentioned this, for the record-

 there were a couple of build failures in install_R.sh: Rmpi, rpvm, and

 checking for mpi.h... no
 configure: error: "Cannot find mpi.h header file"

 Check if PVM_ROOT is defined...
 I'll try to build rpvm but you need set PVM_ROOT
 before use pvm. See pvm_intro(1PVM)

 Try to guess if pvm is installed somewhere ...
  Cannot find pvm.
  If pvm is installed, set PVM_ROOT to where pvm is.
  Otherwise, please install pvm first.

 checking for sprng.h... no
 Cannot find sprng 2.0 header file.

 `apt-file search sprng.h` will tell you the missing package which supplies
 that file, if one exists.

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