[Live-demo] Version 4 beta 2 up

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 13 14:50:00 PDT 2010

> its curious that currently
> install_osm.sh brings in libgdal1-1.6.0
> but these install libgdal 1.7
> install_mapserver.sh; install_qgis.sh;
> and finally ibgdal1-dev 1.7.2 via
> install_gpsdrive.sh

no problem, you can have multiple versions of the library installed at
once, that's why the package names are versioned.

install_osm will install standard Lucid packages built against the
standard Lucid gdal package. Programs must have the version of the
library they were built for.

mapserver (new 5.6.4 version in ubuntugis as of yesterday btw) will be
installing the ubuntugis version of gdal.

install_gpsdrive is also installing the same ubuntugis version of
gdal, actually it doesn't use it. something else is dragging it in as
a build dependency and then then removing it again later. probably some
other -dev package has gdal as a dep. shrug.

nothing to worry about,


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