[Live-demo] I'm reviewing the OSGeo-Live Overview documentation

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 25 17:51:50 PDT 2010


thanks for looking them over for content. I've now done that for syntax
and it's pretty much building with no reST errors and a minimal warnings
now. I agree with your style points, only thing I'd mention is that the
quasi-technical stuff can well be moved from the overview into the
quickstart as it will only be seen by the self-motivated "further reading"
crowd, and:

Cameron wrote:
> Don't mention "Open Source"
> ==================
> Everything on OSGeo-Live is Open Source, which is explained
> in general documentation, so don't waste words explaining it
> again.

I'm not so convinced about that, Open Source is one of the most important,
if not The most important, selling point we have vs. the competition.
Seems to me we'd be doing ourselves a disservice by not hammering home
that point at every opportunity. Repetition repetition repetition of
your key selling point!

* for a few of the overviews I put together it looked better to move
the screenshot to after the "Core features" subheading. Maybe consider
doing that for all to keep it consistent.
Maybe consider to make more overview screenshots as 40% not 50% as it
lets the bullet points on the left side flow a bit better.

* anyone want to write an overview and quickstart for GDAL & OGR?

* fwiw the Mapnik docs discuss OpenLayers a bit, and gdal2tiles can be
used to create a local TMS repo which just has to be copied over into
the /var/www/tiles/ dir in order to be used. (perhaps with the natural
earth raster download..? might as well put those 50mb to use in the 
tutorials somehow)

* Still interested to hear ideas about splitting up the Servers menu. In
case I wasn't clear before, I'd prefer like Geo->Servers->MapServer->
then Start, Stop too, but adding that extra layer to the menu hierarchy is
a  major PITA. "Desktop Apps" has already been split into "Desktop GIS" and
"Navigation and Maps". How to split "Server Apps" along similar lines?
(beyond alphabetic)   two-way "B.I." tools vs extract-only Map Servers?



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