[Live-demo] RC4 Build and Docs Styles

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Mon Jul 26 16:21:56 PDT 2010

On 07/26/2010 02:53 PM, Alex Mandel wrote:
> Wondering if I should wait a few hours before starting the next build
> (rc4 seems to be what people want to call it).
> Right now I'm trying to tackle the styling and linking of the sphinx
> generated html. I'm somewhat confused as to why some links are
> autoreplaced and others not (R specifically, probably a name mismatch)
> and why a Quickstart link is on the contents page but not an explicit
> link for the Description. Yes the name links but I don't think that's
> clear to the end user that they probably want to read the full
> description before the Quickstart.
> Also, any reason we aren't use the TOC feature of Sphinx for the whole
> help section? The link to the top of the documentation in the overviews
> goes to a sphinx generated copy of the home which lacks any links to get
> elsewhere, and the index is just blank.
> I assume as I dig into sphinx I'll find some of these answers, but if
> someone already knows, please feel free to enlighten me.
> Thanks,
> Alex

I looked over the logs and all but about 1-2 changes since last build
are docs related. So I'm going to hold off starting the build for about
16 hours to allow more time for the doc stuff to come in and work out
some of the kinks in the css, and navigation.

Testers, as far as you're concerned the last build is basically going to
be the same, so test away and fill out results on

Please email or file a ticket if you find a major bugs.

Note: now that the symlink in the home directory goes straight to the
shared data, there is no obvious way for a user to find example projects
when they do a file open in a given application. ie:QGIS, GVSig etc.
Should we add another symlink? Maybe call it Examples, ProjectFiles ?


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