[Live-demo] Still add some demo data?

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at gmail.com
Tue Jul 27 13:04:40 PDT 2010

Hi All

about raster data, look at the ossim script it already
download 3 band landsat images and the srtm data (90m) 
the zone i choose is spain/barcelona 

i guess this data should be easy reusable by other application.

apologize me for the complete absence from the list (i know there is a lot of work to do)
i had to defend my master degree thesis the last week 
... i'm back :-) to help a bit for what i can

Il giorno 27/lug/2010, alle ore 21.52, Hamish ha scritto:

> Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
>> In that case maybe some raster data should be added to the
>> mix: the only raster which is available now is an already
>> rendered image, which is not very useful if you want to show
>> some raster processing capabilities.
> for my 2c, I like the idea of including a SRTM tile or two
> for raster GIS programs to use in their tutorials. We could
> do something like the OSM data symlink where the actual 1-degree
> tile could follow the host city but the symlink would keep a
> constant filename for the tutorial docs to use.
> I like the idea of including some host-city specific data,
> it gives the workshops/tutorials/disc release a bit more of a
> relevant & local flavour. IMO when putting together a tutorial
> you do well to either use "local" data or allow the users to
> download data covering their home, as then what they see on the
> screen will be familiar and less abstract for them, so you hold
> their interest better.
>> Perhaps too late for this edition, but later the global
>> elevation could be added.
> problem is for any sort of hi-res data the size of it gets too
> huge for the disc. A step which uses WMS to download a local
> chunk from NASA's OnEarth server or so might be a solution.
> ETOPO2 is 85mb compressed, maybe ETOPO5 would be not-too-huge?
>> This and some other global raster datasets can be downloaded
>> from this site (we should check license etc.. though)
>> http://www.worldclim.org/current
> for a big list see also
>  http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/Global_datasets
> the US govt/NASA data is always good because it is without
> copyright.
>> Anyway for the time being I've kept my example using our
>> own dataset.
> ...
>>> (It's just a file of halve a megabyte, so size
>>> shouldn't be an issue)
> (it's not an issue, the volcano quickstart looks very nice!)
> I'd be happy to use that Mt. St. Helens srtm tile as the
> standard GIS disc demo DEM.
> Crater Lake is another "classic" bit of topography for geo-
> tutorials. In my last SRTM one I used the volcano used for Mt.
> Doom in the movies :)
> regards,
> Hamish
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