[Live-demo] Re: Which version or Java to use on the OSGeo LiveDVD?

Andrea Aime aaime at opengeo.org
Sat Jun 5 19:05:33 PDT 2010

Cameron Shorter ha scritto:
> Live DVD points of contact,
> We are starting our liveDVD build for 2010 and this time round we are 
> starting to run out of space.
> So as much as possible, we would like to use only one java version and 
> one servlet container.
> I'd also like to determine whether OpenJDK is an option for projects (as 
> it is the default java for Ubuntu and Xubuntu).
> So can each project please answer the questions:
> 1. Can your project run with OpenJDK Runtime Environment (IcedTea6 1.8)?

We don't test it with OpenJDK, though I have reports that it works
(WMS wise, slowly)

> 2. Can your project run with sun-java6-jre?

It definitely should as we have no JSPs anymore, but reality
is all developers have a JDK installed. So I guess we have to double

> 3. For projects that are bundling a JDK, can you just use the JRE?

See above

> 4. Which servlet containers can your application use? Will the default 
> servlet containers bundled with Ubuntu 10.04 work?

As configured out of the box it won't work, security restrictions are
too strict. If we change the permissions to give GeoServer the usual
powers it has in a vanilla Tomcat it should work. See:


Again, not something I normally do, we always install a vanilla Tomcat
instead of the customized Ubuntu one.

Mind, if you run all the java web apps in the same servlet container 
they will also start all up at once by default. That will mean a
very long startup time and a hefty amount of memory used to start
all the apps up (in terms of the memory needed to host the bytecode
of each application).


Andrea Aime
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