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I'm really busy with my thesi, i will be finally graduated the 14 july ... apologize me, but  i'm not having the time to test the live build process until that date.
as i can see from the last build log, there are problems in Qgis (it has no python support)
and there is not package for ossim on ubuntu 10.x  
(i'm not able to package it, bacouse i have not experience in packaging) at least i can build from source:-/ .. but this will require more VM resource and space, hence i suppose is not an option for us

Pirimin_k ( nick on irc), can you provide a new ubuntu package?if yes, i suggest to use the same svn revision you used for the 9.04 package(beacouse imagelinker has a bug in the recent svn, i'll kep you aware if the bug will be fixed soon)
i'll try to follow you for what i can.


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As per our schedule at: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Al9zh8DjmU_RdE1SYUN3YWJ2N1NpSUczbW9IRWZNclE&hl=en_GB#gid=0

5 July: Feature freeze is:  So if you want to change the gvsig version on the LiveDVD, please update scripts before then.
26 July: Documentation freeze: We will be asking all projects to revisit their Project Overview, and upgrade their Test Description to become a Quick Start guide with diagrams.
2 August: is the drop dead date for delivery into UAT. Your application and docs should work perfectly by this date.

Can you meet these dates?

Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas wrote:
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> El 09/06/10 14:02, Cameron Shorter escribió:
>> I've updated our java build script to use sun java 1.6 and run the build
>> script again (re-installing over the top of 4.0alpha1 rather than
>> starting again from scratch).
>> It seems the java applications have been installed now. (I verified
>> GeoServer is working).
> gvSIG has not been installed
> ""
> E: Package libgdal1-1.5.0 has no installation candidate
> ""
> I'll ask to the gvSIG deb packager to try to solve the gdal
> dependency. We both have to prepare the OSGIS UK meeting and
> afterwards travel to Caracas to a gvSIG meeting so I don't see a
> chance to work on that on the next weeks :'(
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