[Live-demo] What dataset should your application use on the LiveDVD?

Micha Silver micha at arava.co.il
Thu Jun 10 23:48:00 PDT 2010

On 06/11/2010 09:07 AM, Hamish wrote:
> Jody wrote:
>> I am willing to switch the uDig examples over to the
>> Natural Earth dataset; you could lighten up on the raster
>> datasets in order to provide a more varied dataset. I also
>> note that a DEM should be included in the mix for
>> applications that wish to highlight that functionality.
> SRTM tile(s) + LANDSAT covering some topographically interesting
> part of the world?
> grand canyon? hong kong?
I've collected, for a training course, a dataset of the region of 
Bosnia-Herzegovina which includes some layers from naturalearth.com and 
VMAP0, two bands of a a landsat tile (4 & 3 for an NDVI exercise) the 
SRTM coverage for that region, and an OSM file of Sarajevo. Zipped up 
with 7z it comes to 100 MB. Unzipped it's over 300 MB.
All sources are unfettered with licencing problems.

> Hamish
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