[Live-demo] What dataset should your application use on the LiveDVD?

Massimo Di Stefano massimodisasha at gmail.com
Fri Jun 11 05:00:42 PDT 2010

For the ossim/imagelinker dataset i used :

 landsat etm+ and srtm data for barcellona (for the foss4g 2010)

the data are downloaded from the last lines in the ossim install script.
the data i included are :

etm+ (red,green,blue)
2 sample kml files

the results is like :


the data size is about 50 mb 
(note, the overview and rgb image is not included,  its derivation is explained in the doc )

other data can be added, like :

infrared band to make ndvi
pan band to make pansharp

(both rgb, ndvi and pansharp images can be derived on the live itself, including the needed steps in a tutorial)

this data are related to Barcellona, 
but the same "kind of data" can be used for "sexy place" like 
some nice island .. hawaii ?
or vulcanos like 'vesuvio' ?

this mail is related only to raster stuff ... 
for the vector stuff we can add data like :
world coastline
world political boundaries
corine land cover
geonames database

what do you think about ?

Il giorno 11/giu/2010, alle ore 08.07, Hamish ha scritto:

> Jody wrote:
>> I am willing to switch the uDig examples over to the
>> Natural Earth dataset; you could lighten up on the raster
>> datasets in order to provide a more varied dataset. I also
>> note that a DEM should be included in the mix for
>> applications that wish to highlight that functionality.
> SRTM tile(s) + LANDSAT covering some topographically interesting
> part of the world?
> grand canyon? hong kong?
> Hamish
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