[Live-demo] osgeo-live4.0alpha4 Virtual Machine ready for download

Cameron Shorter cameron.shorter at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 21:48:25 PDT 2010

After a few hiccups, I've managed to complete building a Virtual Machine 
for the OSGeoLive.

Logs of the build and the virtual machine can be downloaded from:

http://downloads.lisasoft.com/live-4.0alpha4/live-4.0alpha4-vm.7z (~ 3 Gig)
MD5: http://downloads.lisasoft.com/live-4.0alpha4/live-4.0alpha4-vm.7z.md5
Logs: http://downloads.lisasoft.com/live-4.0alpha4/live-4.0alpha4-log.zip

Key notes:
* The Virtual Machine has been compressed with 7zip

* The Vitual Machine is a VirtualBox image. To run, install and run 
VirtualBox, then select "Import Appliance" to select the virtual machine.

* I need to restart the build a couple of times (ran out of memory), and 
in the process I lost logs for installing ~ 1/3 of the applications. 
However, the application did install ok.

* Some scripts are installing their tmp files into the bin directory 
instead of /tmp/build_XXX (spatiallite and mapguide in particular)

* There are lots of error logs associated with postgis data loads. Would 
love to have someone look at those. I haven't had time to test or 
analyse logs or applications more than that.

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