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Trevor Wekel trevor_wekel at otxsystems.com
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Since most of the project icons are already in /usr/share/icons and their ".desktops" in /usr/share/applications, I am fine with this as the "standard".  I just wanted to know which way to go so that I can make the fix once.


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On 30/06/10 07:10, Trevor Wekel wrote:
> Yes.  Extra docs would be good.  I was not aware of this information.  Looking at some of the other scripts, most icons are still being installed into /usr/share/icons.  However, most of the projects are installing their ".desktop" definitions to /usr/share/applications.

I think that cleaning up the desktop icons was a last minute hack during 
the last release.
If you have a better suggest on how to address this, now is the right 
time to suggest it, then update our procedures, and we ask all projects 
to adjust their scripts accordingly.

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