[Live-demo] re: Downloading VM . . .

Bob Basques Bob.Basques at ci.stpaul.mn.us
Wed Jun 30 14:41:19 PDT 2010

Ok, I've tried pulling the thing three times, get's to 1.5gig and stalls outs. 

Going to try from another computer. 


>>> Brian Hamlin <maplabs at light42.com> wrote:

Hi Bob-

   the LiveDVD project is going through a huge growth phase this year..

Multiple persons have contributed to a completely script-driven build,
from a common base system image..

The latest Ubuntu is proving to be challenging, I'd say, but generally,
what exists is a very versatile and potentially long lasting endeavor.

If you would like to try, you can take some subset of the build scripts
of version 3, say, study up on the build process, and make any portion
of the disk you find practical or interesting.. Of course, you could
add on to it, too..

best regards from California

Brian Hamlin
OSGeo California Chapter
(415) 717-4462 cell

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