[Live-demo] OSGeo Live website ready to go Live

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sat May 15 14:35:35 PDT 2010

As mentioned before the best place to stick it right now is somewhere in
the livedvd folder where we've been putting the downloads. I'll take a
look at the apache virtualhost config on that blade over the next couple
of days to see about adding live.osgeo in there.

Eventually I do have in mind where the site will end up but that virtual
machine isn't ready yet, though it may be in the next few weeks.


Cameron Shorter wrote:
> Brian, seems I forgot to add banner.png, now rectified.
> Tyler,
> If you need to make changes to the website, please do so. Could you
> please commit the changes back into svn.
> Hamish and others,
> I'm not expecting this website to change much before our next release of
> the LiveDVD, but happy if people want to take on that responsibility.
> I'm keen to have the website go live soon, specifically because over the
> next few weeks I want to start lobbying the OSGeo community to start
> creating Marketing artefacts (including LiveDVD material), and I'd like
> to point people at the existing online LiveDVD Project Definitions and
> Overviews as samples of what we are building from.
> Brian Hamlin wrote:
>> I downloaded the site from svn using the LiveDVD itself
>> the banner image comes across as banner.xcf,
>> but the index.html page calls for banner.png  (??)
>>   -Brian
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