[Live-demo] Re: [Marketing] Marketing artefacts, subversion directories, and source formats

Alex Mandel tech_dev at wildintellect.com
Sat May 15 16:15:04 PDT 2010

If layout matters, in my mind that is the opposite of Office formats.
Scribus+text file+image file might work or latex+image files

Just some ideas,

Cameron Shorter wrote:
> I've written our OSGeo's marketing requirements, and defined what I
> believe to be a list of marketing artefacts that each project should
> produce.
> What I wish to do now is to write down very clear guidelines on what
> authors should include in the artefacts so that:
> 1. We see a level of consistency between projects
> 2. To make it easy for authors to write. (It is much easier to write to
> a template and with an example than to write free hand).
> What I'd like to resolve now is:
> a. What subversion directory we store artefacts in.
> b. What format we store artefacts in.
> svn directory location:
> ==============
> To date, apart from the LiveDVD, there has not been a periodic updating
> of artefacts, fixed around a specific milestone. I'd like to see that
> change, so that we can know that at least once a year (at foss4g) all
> core marketing artefacts are brought up to date. I suggest that all
> marketing artefacts are updated at the same time as the LiveDVD,
> twice/year.
> So I suggest that our marketing artefacts use the same release numbers
> as the LiveDVD and potentially are incorporated into the LiveDVD svn
> directory structure.
> I understand that projects may wish to keep their docs with their
> projects, and I'm ok with that.
> What I propose is that we initially set up
> marketing/artefacts/{trunk,r4_0}/overview/{project}.doc
> We will start by putting all overview docs into the above directory
> structure.
> Projects may then move their documentation back into their own svn, and
> our scripts can be smart enough to look for them there. (We would need a
> google docs lookup spreadsheet or similar to point to the location of
> project documentation.
> source doc format
> ============
> For the 1 page project overview, our target media is both HTML and a 1
> page PDF, with an embedded image. Hence, layout is important, and
> therefore I believe the source format of this material needs to be in
> Word/OpenOffice/GoogleDocs or similar which provides this layout.
> Similarly, Quick Starts and Tutorials need to be printed on PDF as well
> as HTML, and contain images.
> I acknowledge Hamish's concern regarding inability to bulk change word
> docs, and I admit that is painful. One work around which may work is
> that we can export to HTML, bulk apply changes, then import back into
> word format. (I have done this once and while not ideal, it will
> probably work if we need to change templates or similar).

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