[Live-demo] Re: [Marketing] Marketing artefacts, subversion directories, and source formats

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sat May 15 18:10:12 PDT 2010

Cameron wrote:
> I'll also throw in the requirement that whatever template
> we decide upon, we need to make the docs as easy as possible
> to maintain.

I guess the round and round of this discussion is that from the
maintainers' perspective a collection of WYSIWY(hope to)G
documents such as OO or Word format is absolutely the hardest
thing to bulk maintain or keep consistent in the long term. 

What was the argument against RTF again? do modern versions
of the office softwares still let you 'save as..' in that?

> (Of note: Wikis do well under the above criteria, but
> wiki->pdf doesn't do well)

now it does! see post with links of a few days ago or go to
wikipedia.org and try the brand new "export as pdf" in the left
side frame on any article.



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