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#654: Marble: Wikipedia links need disambiguation
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 If you click on a city in Marble and see the Wikipedia tab, it just shows
 the wikipedia page for the city name.  If there is more than one city with
 that name, the wrong page can be shown.

 Example: Victoria, BC, Canada - this shows the wikipedia page for
 "Victoria" which is just a disambig page including "Victoria (name)",
 "Queen Victoria" and so on.  It would be much better if Marble was smart
 enough to go straight to the page "Victoria, British Columbia" instead.

 Example2: London, Ontario, Canada - this shows the page for "London" which
 of course goes straight to London, UK.  This should show "London, Ontario"

 Going to a disambiguation page is annoying enough but going to a
 completely wrong page is worse.

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