[Live-demo] Re: Live-demo Digest, Vol 25, Issue 8

activityworkshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Mon Nov 22 13:00:03 PST 2010

 > From: Alex Mandel > Any chance you could backport it to lynx and we 
can post it on ubuntugis launchpad ppa? I'm afraid I don't know enough 
about packaging debs or ubuntu ppas to do any backporting. But I do know 
that just taking the meerkat package works fine on the OSGeo Live DVD as 
it is, the only dependencs are the java runtime and the 
metadata-extractor so there should be no issues at all as far as I know. 
I can't see what would be involved in a backport apart from a copy-paste 
and possibly a very minor rename.

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