[Live-demo] What color theme should we use for the next liveDVD?

Hamish hamish_b at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 28 03:08:21 PST 2010

Cameron wrote:
> We should develop our screen
> background image for the next (March 2010) OSGeo-Live DVD,
> so that it can be used in screen grabs where required.

I'd suggest to not include a changeable backdrop image in screen
shots if possible, so that we don't have the burden of updating
them for every release.

> My only suggested criteria is that the background theme
> looks noticeably different to previous release (but ideally
> keeps some common feel).

as it's still 4.x, I'm not so worried about the interim version
being highly distinct, but have no great opinion about that-
I would not discourage wonderful designs.. :)


ps- I'm finding the desktop a bit cluttered and had thought to
perhaps drop the app desktop folders and only have them available
from top menu bar.
votes yes/no?


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