[Live-demo] Re: Prune in the OSGeoLive DVD?

activityworkshop mail at activityworkshop.net
Sat Oct 9 14:00:21 PDT 2010

Hamish wrote:
> looks good to me, I support it.
> do you fall under OSM's umbrella, or are you an independent project?
Thanks! It's independent. Prune uses OSM for the map tiles, and can be 
configured to download (and optionally cache) OSM tiles, including 
opencyclemap, openpistemap, cloudmade etc. And I've been told by several 
OSM contributors that they use it for cleaning up their tracks and 
preparing a gpx file for upload to OSM. But it's independent.

> You already sort of answered this but does it require sun's java, or is
> if happy with openjdk? (is that experience imperfect?)
OpenJDK is fine too, I just mentioned sun-java6 because I saw that 
you've got that already. The only noticeable difference with OpenJDK 
that I've found is that the fonts look slightly different, and layout is 
therefore slightly different, but it's not a very big deal, everything 
still works.

> Are packages for lucid available from an ubuntu launchpad ppa? (if not
> you can probably submit them to UbuntuGIS's one) or as a simple .deb
> download?
Um... I don't know enough about Ubuntu or launchpad ppas to answer that 
one. But I know that Debian's .deb file works fine on Lucid, and 
therefore I assume that Ubuntu's Meerkat package will also work fine on 
Lucid (but I haven't tried that).

> also, you may want to register Prune in the DebianGIS "blend" list of apps,
> and meta-package(s):
>   http://blends.debian.net/gis/tasks
It's already there, under "Openstreetmap-related programs". Sorry I 
should have mentioned earlier that in Debian and Ubuntu it's called 
"Gpsprune" because the graphviz program already uses the name "Prune". 
Sad, but graphviz was there first.

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